About Me

Hi, I'm Alwyn Soh.

Husband to my beautiful Wife and Father of two wonderful kids living in Singapore.

A Senior Cybersecurity Engineer at Ceridian HCM.

Strong interests in Technology and Self-hosting.
Stranded in the  ecosystem.

Advocate of health and fitness, regularly joins OCR (Obstacle Course Race) ie. Spartan Race.
Often Road Cycles around the island.

Finally, what's the point of living if we don't enjoy food?

Owner Of

  • Sohwatt LLP - Hosts Domains, emails and websites, provide IT Consultation
  • Mastodon.SG - a Mastodon instance hosted in Singapore
  • Pixelfed.SG - a Pixelfed instance hosted in Singapore
  • MastoAdmin.IO - a Mastodon instance hosted for #MastoAdmins as a backup with monitoring tools

Spartan Race, Singapore