Experimenting Pixelfed

Decentralised social media is the future.

Experimenting Pixelfed

Ever since working on Mastodon.SG, I've noticed Pixelfed and it's potential. So I've decided to selfhost another decentralized social platform.

Welcome Pixelfed🇸🇬!

Pixelfed.SG is hosted in Singapore and it serves as a replacement to Instagram. The difference is, privacy. Pixelfed will not dump ads on you. We will not collect & sell your information.

The infrastructure is hosted together with Mastodon.SG, domain (pixelfed.sg) recently purchased, using SMTP2GO for emails, Backblaze B2 for object storage and Cloudflare for CDN.

All costs are currently borne by me and any donations is obviously encouraged. 🧋

Join Mastodon or Pixelfed today!

Mastodon.SG signup here
Pixelfed.SG signup here.