Firefox Browser in Synology Docker

Hosting a Firefox browser in a Synology

Firefox Browser in Synology Docker
Photo by Rubaitul Azad / Unsplash

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Why would you need a functioning web browser in your Synology? Aren't we already using a web browser when accessing the Synology?

Easy, at times you need a web browser which is on your LAN, maybe to manage local services when you're remote. It's not exactly the same as using a VPN service, especially when you are working from a borrowed/work PC that has web filtering in place.

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  1. Go to Package Center and install Docker
  2. Go to File stations and navigate to Docker folder
  3. Create a folder and name it firefox
  4. Search for jlesage/firefox, download with the latest tagScreenshot-2023-02-22-131830
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Create Firefox Container

  1. Go to Container tab and Create a Container:
    1. Select Image: jlesage/firefox
    2. Network: bridge
    3. Container Name: firefox
  2. Go to Advanced Settings
  3. Modify the following Enviroment variables:
    1. VNC_PASSWORD = 2468
    2. FF_OPEN_URL =
    3. TZ = /etc/localtime
  4. Delete the following Enviroment variables:
  5. Review then click Save, then Next
  1. Set the Local Port to 8080 for 5800, click Next
  2. Click Add Folder, navigate to the firefox folder
  3. Add the mount path as /config
  4. Click Next and Done
  5. Now you may navigate to NAS IP Address with the port you've defined above on a browser, eg.
  6. You'll be prompted with the Login page, use the password that you've set above, eg. 2468
  7. And that's it!

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