Pixelfed🇸🇬 is now Live!

Well sort of, technically Pixelfed is still a v0 (v0.11.4).

Pixelfed🇸🇬 is now Live!
As listed on Pixelfed.org

Pixelfed.SG instance is Live but Pixelfed is technically still a v0.
During our beta launch, we've taken the time to learn how Pixelfed ticks. And we are satisfied to go live.

We've been listed on Pixelfed.org!
Servers listed are required to adhere to the Privacy Pledge:

  • No analytics or 3rd party trackers
  • User data is not sold to any 3rd parties
  • Data is stored securely in accordance with industry standards
  • Admin accounts are protected with 2FA
  • Follow strict support procedures to keep your accounts safe
  • Give at least 6 months warning in the event we shut down

In the back, we can see that a Pixelfed instance doesn't require much CPU or RAM. At least for a small instance, but we have the resources to scale up (maybe to about 1k+ active Users).
Storage for images and videos doesn't take up much space, thanks to the optimising capabilities of Pixelfed. Based on our estimates, we should be able to store up to 50k images with ease.
Coupled with Cloudflare, we've enabled CDN to provide edge server caching capabilities for faster content delivery and to provide some DDOS protection, which inadvertently reduce operation costs on our S3 bucket.

Some boring stats (as of 24th Feb 2023):

  • 14 Users on Pixelfed.SG
  • Federated to 94 remote instances
  • 880 local and remote posts
  • Uploaded 199 local and remote images
  • Only 128MB storage used

If you're interested to join us, click here.