Mastodon v4.1.0 is out!

v4.1.0 is out now!

Mastodon v4.1.0 is out!

Mastodon has just released v4.1.0 stable version and there are tons of features and fixes to it.
Here are some of the noteable features and fixes.

New Features:

  • Add option to make the landing page be /about even when trends are enabled
  • Add tootctl accounts prune, delete any remote account that is never interacted with local
  • Add support for importing/exporting server-wide domain blocks
  • Add setting for status page URL
  • Change API rate limits from 300/5min per user to 1500/5min per user, 300/5min per app


  • Fix attached media uploads not being cleared when replying to a post
  • Fix account activation being sometimes triggered before email confirmation
  • Fix drag & drop upload area display in single-column mode

You can find the full changelog here.