• Mastodon.SG
    Mastodon is a decentralised, community-driven social network that allows users to share thoughts, ideas, and content with others in a secure and open environment.
  • Pixelfed.SG
    Pixelfed is an ad-free, privacy friendly, open source and decentralized photo sharing platform.
  • MastoAdmin.IO
    A Mastodon instance hosted for #MastoAdmins as a backup with monitoring tools.


  • iCr8zy Repo
    A Cydia repository with one of the largest number of packages hosted in Singapore.
  • Insanelyi App
    Created an iOS app for the community forum.
  • Stage93 w/ Eldrid Tan
    Custom-made in-ear monitors for Audiophiles.

Set square near a laptop
Photo by Stanley Dai / Unsplash