Tapbots Releases New Ivory Beta v1.0.2

New beta for Ivory by Tapbots. Yummy stuff!

Tapbots Releases New Ivory Beta v1.0.2
Ivory by Tapbots

Guys at Tapbots has just released a new beta v1.0.2 (10200) for Ivory which has a whole slew of yummies!

What's new:

  • Edit Profile. You can now edit your profile within the app by going to your account settings or from the profile tab.
  • Follow Request Actions. Private accounts can now approve or deny follow requests from the notifications tab.
  • “Read More” posts within a post thread are now automatically expanded.
  • “View Faves” and “View Boosts” added to the “long press” menu of their action icon.
  • Better indication that a timeline filter is active when you switch to a tab with an active filter. (Filter name will be displayed momentarily at the top of the timeline.)
  • Fixed issue where the “Filter User from Home” option was grayed out in iOS15 when adding someone to a list.
  • Fixed the quality of custom emoji displayed as a badge next the avatar. (Adding a custom emoji after your display name makes it an avatar badge in Ivory)
  • When replying to a content warning post, the preview of the post you are replying to will now be displayed in the compose view instead of hidden.
  • Fixed issues with the notification setting “All, People You Follow…”
  • Various other small bug fixes.